Friday, March 1, 2013

3/1/2013 Update

Hello All !! We have a lot to smile about.. Just look at the big one on Bradley's face!!

I do not want to make anyone wait until the end to get the good news..
we have not had a spasm since 12/31/2012 .. That right 2 whole months!!!!! 

We have started to lower the steroids. Bradley was on 5ml 2 times a day. We are to lower them .5ml every week (we do it on Thursdays) until he is off of them completely. Dr. Sara wants to take it slow and steady, and we are hopeful that taking this approach the EEG will stay normal.


Bradley is now down to 1.0ml and he is doing great! He has regained almost all of his skills back, rolling over, sitting up, smiling, laughing, cooing.. the list goes on and on. I am so proud of how far Bradley has come.
Bradley sitting up by himself !!!

The steroids did have some side effects the most obvious one, is his weight gain. The Doctors say this is typical of the steroids and once he is off of them he will start to drop the weight. The down fall, he has is going to be delayed a bit longer when it comes to crawling and standing up for long periods of time. That is ok with us though!

 The most recent EEG that we did on 2/25/2013 was still normal. Dr. Sara said that she is very hopeful, for a "normal" future. At this pace we are going to catch up to where he should be ((I know all babies are different)) but we are going to be a little closer in development then where we are now. If all goes well between now and April 4th when we see her again we will not need to do another EEG!!!
2/25/13 Bradley sleeping through the EEG. He is such a good patient!
He lets them hook him up, then off to sleep he goes.
((the transition stage between awake and asleep is apparently the most important))
Practicing our fine motor skills!
Mommy finally let go!! Bradley standing up !!
Good news all around. We appreciate all of the love, thoughts and prayers that have been sent and are still being sent our way. Bradley is such a fighter and we are going to continue this journey one step at a time. Everyday we discover new things, we will continue to work hard and we will continue to move forward from this scary diagnosis.


  1. Hi Peacock Family!
    I am so happy Bradley is doing better! You all continue to be in my thoughts. From Boston, my family to yours, we are cheering Bradley on!
    I can't wait to see you guys!
    With lots and lots of love,
    Jaime, Mike & Milla

  2. I am so happy fthat the photography studio, who took Bradley's photos, explained Bradley had Infantile Spasms and said to google it. I did and I have never heard of it before, but I do believe I have met a baby with this condition in the past.

    Bradley is a beautiful child and I will be following your updates, because I just fell in love with the little guy! Thank you for sharing him with us.