Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Approaching 1 Year No Seizures!!!!

Happy Holidays!!
Hello all, sorry we have been gone for so long!
I wanted to give a quick up date, I will have a lot more to say after we see the neurologist. But we are doing great!
Bradley is approaching 1 year seizure free, and as of December 31st we will have 1 whole year under our belt! Man it has been a long year full of ups and downs, but we made it!
Bradley just recently started therapy and he has had 4 sessions so far, we are working on his speech and his walking. He is 18 months now and we are trying to get him up on his feet and moving. He will stand, and walk with assistance but he just wont let go and walk on his own. Every now and then he will get a wild hair and take about 3 or 4 steps on his own but primarily he sticks to crawling. Bradley's speech is coming along, he has just within the past week started repeating words, but the therapist thinks that he is picking things up nicely, we just need to be patient and give it 110%. Everything we do is an opportunity to develop skills and to get him back on track.
Our next Neurologist appointment is scheduled for January 7th, we will be doing a full EEG readout, as well as blood work, and our favorite part, seeing Dr. Sara. She has truly been our rock through this!! As for his medicine, we are still on the B6 and Topamax, as far as I know we are still looking to start taking him off on when he turns 2 and if he stay seizure free. 
I will have much more to say with the next post. Please don't hesitate to send me an email, I love reading the stories, and I will always be an open book about Bradley and our experience!!
- Carrie

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  1. Glad to hear is doing so well. Hope all went smoothly with the eeg. Nice to see an update.
    I posted about Baltazar on my blog www.inourhouse.org Who by the way loves to sing, whistle and dance😊