Sunday, November 30, 2014

... it's been too long since an update!

It has been way too long since I have update the blog and Bradley's progress!! Our life has taken a shift, from worrying about seizures, to worrying about my 2 1/2 year old climbing on top of the table, and riding the family dog as if he was a horse! It has been a very slow but very steady shift in our lives, and it is one that we welcome with open arms. Bradley is doing fantastic, he is in therapy for his delays, and his therapist, Elenor, comes every Tuesday to see him and we work on his skills. His speech, and walking were first on the list, the other things that we wanted to accomplish were basic toddler skills, colors, shapes, simple directions, and communication. We were able to get those things down and now we are working on the harder things for him, running and jumping. I know it is crazy how we are encouraging our toddler to do things that most parents get worn out on, but what fun is it being a 2 year old and not being able to run or jump?! Elenor is sure that he will get it, and he is coming along, the walking is turning into a trot, and with the help of his trampoline the jumps are getting off of the ground and higher and higher with each day!!

We are starting to take Bradley off of the medication.. such a scary thought but and important step for us to see how his body will react to not having medication. We were on 3 Topamax pills a 1 B6 in the morning and 3 Topamax and 1 B6 at night. Dr. Sara moved us down to 2 Topamax with his B6 and 2 Topamax and his B6 at night. We stayed there for 2 months then, went in for an EEG and a visit in November, and Dr. Sara told us to cut it down again. 1Topamax and 1 B6 in the morning and 1 of each at night !!! We will see her again in January, to cut it down again! We will be on the B6 for a few years, but that is okay with us.

We will have another update soon, December 31st will mark 2 years of no seizures !! What a way to bring in the new year.

Bradley's 2nd Birthday!!


First time on Daddy's Boat. This was a treat for us, he cant be out in the heat, because the medicine doesn't allow him to sweat. We had such a fun day!!
Rocking our boots, on our way to see Dr. Sara

Happy Holidays!! Thank you Grace with ByHisGrace Photgraphy!! She has been there every step of the way capturing our little man growing up!



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